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"Inner City Bluz" The Webisode



Homeless Children's Webisode

Harold B. Pritchett promises to reveal the hard edge of at-risk inner city children in his new webisode drama "Inner City Bluz"

Press Release - - Friday, November 29th, 2009 at 8:00pm

Wilmington, Delaware

From: hbp Productions

The webisode "Inner City Bluz" promises to reveal the hard edge of at-risk inner city children when the bottom of life falls from under them.  Forced to live on the streets, the children learn life skills and begin to understand the morals their deceased mother gave them.

Inspired by the inner city children of Wilmington, Delaware, Harold B. Pritchett has written a new style of webisode about the inner city.  "This is the story from the children's perspective" says the now local director, living in Wilmington.   "Children have a different way of managing their feelings during a crisis.  But street life is like trying to steer a sinking boat in a hurricane.  You'll be up to your neck with problems 24/7.  The inner city streets are no place for children."  


Inner City Bluz - Part One

Starring Miquail and Timera Keyes